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Hi, I'm Rashmi. I live in London with my husband and son. I was born and brought up in the bustling city of Mumbai in India. As a Maharashtrian, I was exposed to Maharashtrian cuisine and living in the heart of Mumbai, I was never far away from delicious cuisines from all parts of India, not to mention the scrumptious street food that Mumbai is so famous for! Along with this, my foodie family thought that food shouldn't just taste great but should also be a feast for the eyes. 

After moving to London over 20 years ago, I started missing the delectable food that I was so used to eating in Mumbai. To satisfy my appetite for the mouth-watering Indian food that my taste buds so yearned for, I started cooking everything at home and experimenting with different cuisines.


I was fond of arts and crafts from a very young age. Whenever I saw any new and interesting form of craft, I always wanted to try it out and give it a go. My family loved, praised and appreciated art in all its forms. 

As years passed by my love for food and crafts grew and blossomed into OvalShelf. My source of inspiration is my loving and caring husband and sweet son, who is also a great food critic. They have encouraged and supported me in every shape and form to build this website where I can share my knowledge with everyone.

Welcome to OvalShelf. Glad you are here. Hope I can be of help.

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