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Chilli Veg Toast | Veg Chilli Toast

Updated: Apr 16

Chilli Veg Toast laid out in a plate

Crispy toast topped with vegs, spicy chilli and melted cheese; can anything be yummier!

This Chilli Veg Toast is an incredibly easy dish that is perfect for snacks or breakfast or even as a brunch on busy weekends. Can also be served as a starter for parties!

Check out this irresistible recipe of Chilli Veg Toast in this quick video:

Will be kids favourite

If you reduce or omit the number of chillies added to this recipe, then this can be kids favourite too! This healthy snack will be perfect for their tiffin.

Toast only on one side

I prefer to use brown or wholemeal bread for this recipe. But if you do not like or have brown bread at home, you can use white sliced bread too.

Remember to toast bread only on one side, as the other side will become crispy later on when it goes in the oven. I have experimented toasting both the sides before topping with vegs and cheese, but bread became too crispier and hard for our taste.

Veg chilli toast slices with cheese sweetcorn
“Garlic Butter for extra flavour”

Preparing garlic butter with melted butter and garlic paste and spreading this over toast will definitely add extra flavour and liven up this snack.

Two Types of Cheese

I really like cheddar cheese, so I have used it as first layer on toast and used mozzarella towards the end. Mozzarella cheese adds more depth to the flavour plus helps to bind vegs to the toast. If you have just one type of cheese at home or do not like much cheese, you can skip using cheddar cheese altogether and only use mozzarella at the end.

Delicious Veg chilli toast closeup

Vegs add taste and colour

I like to add red as well as green peppers (capsicum) to this dish as it adds to the colour. But if you just have one type of pepper (capsicum) at home, then you can just use that. Two types of peppers are purely for aesthetics.

Apart from adding to the colour, sweetcorn looks and taste great as well with this dish. I will say onions are purely your choice, if you do not like the taste or smell of onions, you can omit them entirely.

Do not skip adding cilantro (coriander) as it will build on the flavour plus it will count on to the colour as well.

Hot Hot Chillies

As this is a Chilli Veg Toast, you have to make this hot and spicy. Make sure to chop green chillies finely and spread them well on toast.

Veg chilli toast ingredients sweetcorn pepper bread and cheese

Red chilli flakes have a different flavour compared to green chillies so I have included them in this recipe. Plus red chilli flakes really stand out and look really gorgeous when sprinkled in the end on top of mozzarella.

You can reduce or increase the amount of green chillies and red chilli flakes you use depending on the amount of heat you prefer.

Veg Chilli toast freshly baked from Oven

Keep a close watch

When baking these toasts, you really need to keep an eye on them as they are done in no time at all and if kept for too long in the oven they might burn or bread might become too hard.

Bake them till cheese has melted and has started turning slightly golden.

"A treat for the eyes"

After you remove these toasts from oven, cut them diagonally and serve them immediately with some tomato ketchup.

These Chilli Veg Toasts with brown bread and colourful topping are a treat for your eyes and will be perfect as a starter for the parties or as a quick snack for your guests.

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Recipe Card for Chilli Veg Toast

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