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Eggs Kejriwal

Updated: May 4

A quick, filling and tasty breakfast! Eggs Kejriwal will keep you going till lunchtime. This delicious Parsi egg recipe which is served in Irani restaurants in Mumbai is quite filling and can also be eaten as a brunch when you are in a hurry.

Eggs Kejriwal an quintessentially Irani breakfast

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This delicious breakfast is served with butter toasted Pavs / White rolls with cheese and half fried eggs with onions, chillies, cilantro / coriander and some more grated cheese on top....Yummy!

Here is a quick video of Eggs Kejriwal:

"Turn plain old eggs into something special"

If you are bored of eating plain old egg everyday in the morning, try this recipe and it will convert those eggs into something special. Adding cheese on Ladi Pav / white roll / bread and sprinkling some more on the top, takes this dish to a whole new level.

Eggs Kejriwal Ingredients bun pav, eggs and cheese

Season and spice to taste

You can adjust the amount of salt, green chillies and red chilli flakes to your liking making it more or less spicy as per your preference.

Adding finely chopped Cilantro (Coriander) in the end makes Eggs Kejriwal even more flavourful.

For this dish egg white should be just done and egg yolk should still be runny. But if you do not like a runny yolk, you can always cook it a little longer till egg yolk is done.

Some History

This dish was invented by Mr. Devi Prasad Kejriwal. He was a regular visitor at Willingdon Sports Club at Tardeo in Mumbai. When he use to visit the club, he use to like his eggs on toast along with some cheese and green chillies to spice it all up. Soon this dish became a favourite of many club visitors and later grew in popularity all over.

Eggs Kejriwal Omelette laid ont top of cheese bread

Simple, fast and delicious

This dish is really easy to make and is ready in no time at all. It not just looks great but is tasty too.

You can easily bake fresh, super soft and fluffy Ladi Pavs at home for Eggs Kejriwal, have a look at the quick video here.

Check out the Recipe Card and Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos below.

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Recipe card for Eggs Kejriwal:

Step-by-step instructions with photos for Eggs Kejriwal:

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 1

• Make 4 pieces of each cheese slice and keep on a plate.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 2

• Cut Ladi pavs / white rolls in half and apply butter on both sides.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 3

• Roast Ladi pav / white rolls on medium heat (inner side down) till golden brown.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 4

• Flip them over, place cheese pieces on top and cook for another minute. Then keep aside.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 5

• Heat a non-stick egg pan on low setting. Add butter, onions, green chillies, salt and mix well.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 6

• Break 2 eggs and sprinkle salt, onions, red chilli flakes, cheddar cheese and cilantro / coriander.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 7

• Cover and cook on low heat till egg white is just done.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 8

• Remove the lid and loosen edges.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 9

• Place the eggs on pav / white rolls.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 10

• Egg white should be completely cooked and egg yolk should be runny. If you do not prefer runny yolk, cook eggs a bit longer till yolk is completely cooked.

Eggs Kejriwal - Method 11

• Delicious Eggs Kejriwal is ready. Enjoy!


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1 Comment

Nilesh Gharat
Nilesh Gharat
Dec 14, 2020

Excellent for breakfast. Quick and easy

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