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Fried Modak | Talniche Modak | Talalele Modak

Updated: Apr 16

Modak is Ganpati bappa's favourite sweet

Crispy and sweet, these fried modaks are loved by everyone in Maharashtra!

Modak is served as a prasad on Ganesh chaturthi which marks the arrival of Lord Ganesh to earth.

Quick Video of How to make Fried Modak:

This traditional Maharashtrian festive food is delicious and enjoyed by many in India, not just during Ganesh festival but also many other times during the year.

Fried Modak or Talniche Modak in a plate

With this easy to follow fried modak recipe you will be able to make traditional style fried modaks at home which will taste just like the ones you get in houses in Maharashtra.

Although they might look difficult, if you follow below recipe closely, you will master the art of making modaks in no time!

“Fried modaks look beautiful and taste great”

Made with freshly scraped coconut, jaggery and sugar filling, they taste delicious keeping you wanting for more!

Fried or Talniche Modak in a plate with Lord Ganesh overlooking

If you have never made modaks before, fried modaks are a good starting point!

There are two main types of modaks, fried modaks and steamed modak. If you are new to cooking or have never made modaks before, making fried modaks will be a good starting point, as steamed modaks are harder to make compared to fried modaks.

Fried modaks can be made with various different stuffings, but my family prefers freshly scaped coconut stuffing. You can add nuts like cashews and almonds to this stuffing. Also, mawa or khoya can be added to this stuffing during special occasions.

Stuffing can be made with dried coconut and semolina (rava) as well. Modaks with this type of stuffing will last a bit longer then fresh coconut stuffing.

“Has many variations in stuffings and cover”

Also, cover can be made only with wheat flour (chappati flour) or only with plain flour (maida). But cover with just wheat flour becomes more dense and less crispy, so I prefer best of both worlds and use wheat and plain flour half and half.

Fried Modak or Talniche Modak server to Ganpatti Bappa

If you do not have or don't prefer plain flour, you can just use 1 cup of wheat flour in this recipe. Likewise if you do not have semolina (rava), you can omit adding it entirely.

Practice makes perfect

Making modaks that look beautiful is not hard, it just requires practice.

Start off with these easy to make fried modaks and once you feel confident move on to making steamed modaks.

Some tips

If you find it hard to roll puris using oil, use plain flour instead. Also, dip your fingers in some plain flour when making pleats.

When sealing pleats together make sure you use a drop of water to seal the tip tightly. If the tip opens while frying modak, all its stuffing might come out. Modak might just not look as good because of this, but this will also mean much extra work for you! If stuffing comes out, you will have to stop frying, wait for oil to cool down, drain the oil through a sieve to remove tiny coconut pieces and then start frying again. To avoid all this, make sure you have sealed the tip properly before frying.

Have a look at other OvalShelf's easy to make festive recipes. If you don't feel confident enough to make these fried modaks, why not try much easier Kesar Pista Mawa Modaks for Ganesh festival which not just look pretty but taste delicious too. If you just fancy a sweet treat, have a look at some desserts / sweets.

Recipe Card for Fried Modak

Step-by-step instructions with photos:

• Add wheat flour, plain flour, semolina and salt to a bowl and mix well.

• Heat 2 tsp clarified butter well. Add to the flour mixture and mix well.

• Using little milk at a time bind the dough. Let it rest for 10 mins.

• Heat 2 tsp clarified butter and add scrapped coconut. Mix well.

• Add sugar and finely chopped jaggery and cook on low heat while mixing constantly till jaggery melts.

• Add green cardamom powder, mix and switch off the heat.

• After the dough has rested for 10 mins, knead it and make 12 balls.

• Dip a ball in oil and roll a puri.

• Lift the puri in one hand, add coconut filling and make pleats using little plain flour if necessary.

• Gather pleats at the top and seal them with a drop of water.

• Apply little plain flour to bottom of modak and keep aside.

• Make all 12 modaks in this manner.

• Heat oil in a pan and deep fry modaks on low heat till golden brown.

• Place fried modaks on kitchen roll.

• Fried Modaks are ready to serve!

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