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Fruit Custard

Updated: Apr 16

Fruit custard in a bowl with Strawberry pomegranate

Colourful, delicious and easy to make, there can't be a better dessert than fruit custard!

Who won't like a healthy dessert made with a variety of fruits and luscious, creamy custard! Requiring only a few ingredients, this dessert can be customised according to fruits you like or that are available during the season.

Fruit salad ingredients grapes banana apple orange blueberries kiwi pear

Perfect for kids or any dinner parties, it will go down as a treat!

Ideal for kids who are reluctant to eat variety of fruits, this dessert goes down well with them. Not just the kids, adults will love this fruit custard too.

A Feast for the Eyes....

Many different coloured fruits mixed with custard create a rainbow of colours making this dessert very appetising.

Fruit custard in bowl close up

Perfect to serve for dinner or birthday parties, this dessert can be made swiftly too. Custard can be prepared hours in advance and cooled in a refrigerator.

Milk at room temperature

While mixing custard powder with milk, use room temperature milk. If the milk is hot, then there is a chance that custard might curdle and if you use cold milk, then you might find dissolving custard powder hard. So using room temperature milk will be ideal. Also, make sure that all custard powder has dissolved in milk and there are no lumps.

Stirring continuously is important

You should, as far as possible, use a non-stick pan for preparing custard. Also, you need to use the lowest heat setting and keep stirring continuously after adding the custard mix to the milk or else lumps will be formed in custard. Also, after you have removed the pan from the heat and are letting custard cool down, remember to stir now and then till custard cools down completely, as lumps can form while custard is cooling down as well.

Even after doing all this, if for some reason, your custard still has lumps, then you can strain the custard before serving so that you are left with silky, smooth custard.

Fruits should be added just before serving

Make sure to cut and add fruits to the custard just before serving as some fruits can make custard bitter or watery. Also, fruits like banana and apple can oxidise over time, so its best to serve them immediately after cutting and mixing with the custard.

You can also try and add other fruits not mentioned in this recipe, like mango, chiku (sapodilla), raspberries and peach to fruit custard if they are available during the season and if you like them.

Do not add Pineapple to the custard, as it can make custard really bitter and spoil the whole dessert.

Fruit custard in a bowl front view with pomegranate and blueberry

If you do not have all the fruits mentioned in the recipe or if you do not like some of these, you can skip adding them. Also, you can vary the quantity of fruits you add as per your liking.

Here is a quick video of how to make Fruit Custard:

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Recipe Card for Fruit Custard

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