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Mango Ice Cream

Updated: Apr 16

Who doesn’t like Mango and who doesn’t like Ice Cream and when you combine both of these together you are in for a real treat; a mouth-wateringly delicious dessert – Mango Ice Cream. It will be hard to find a better dessert on hot summer days!

This Mango Ice Cream recipe is very quick and super easy and needs only 3 ingredients! It produces a smooth, creamy, rich ice cream without any ice crystals that’s bursting with Mango flavour.

Quick video of How to make Homemade Mango Ice Cream:

Make Mango Ice Cream all year round

You don’t need to wait for the short Mango season to make this ice cream. This recipe uses mango pulp, so you can use either fresh ripe mango pulp when Mangoes are available in the season or you can use canned Mango pulp. I have used canned Kesar Mango pulp for this recipe, but you can also use canned Alphonso mango pulp. Of course, fresh Mango pulp will give a better taste but then you won’t be able to make it all year round!

No need of any special equipment

You do not need an ice cream maker for this recipe. You can make ice cream just using a whisk which everyone has at home. I have used electric hand mixer with whisk attachment. Electric hand mixer does make the process of whipping the cream much faster, easier and less troublesome; but if you don’t own one do not worry.

You can use normal whisk at home to whip the cream, but it will take longer and will need a bit of hard work to whip the cream up.

Super Easy Eggless recipe – uses only 3 ingredients

As this recipe doesn’t use any eggs, its perfect for vegetarians. And it’s one of the easiest recipes of making ice cream. What’s more, it only uses 3 ingredients, can it get any simpler!

Reduce the mango pulp

To avoid any ice crystals, you need to reduce the mango pulp to a thick sauce. Use low heat setting, a heavy bottom or non-stick pan and keep stirring constantly when reducing the mango pulp as it has a tendency to stick to the bottom. Also, you need to be extremely careful during this process as it splashes a lot and is very hot. After it has reduced down, you need to let it cool down completely before adding to whipped cream or else it might spoil the whole process.

Whipping the cream – watch out

Always use whipping cream only when making this ice cream as it has a higher fat content that allows air to be trapped when whipped increasing its volume. Also, whipping cream needs to be chilled when you start whipping. Place your whipping cream at the back of the refrigerator and ensure that it is really cold before you start whipping it. If the cream is warm, even vigorous whipping won't give it desired volume and fluffy texture. If you live in a very hot place, its a good idea to use an ice bath while whipping cream. Place some ice cubes in a large bowl. Place a smaller bowl on top of ice cubes and then pour the whipping cream in smaller bowl and start whipping.

You need to be a bit careful while whipping the cream. If using an electric hand mixer, start whipping on low speed and gradually increase to medium. Never whip on high speed as it will increase the chances of over whipping the cream and turning it into butter.

When cream starts to thicken gradually reduce the speed down to low again so that you are in full control of the process. Stop as soon as cream is firm and starts sticking to the whisk.

If you are not going to use an electric hand mixer then you are less likely to overwhip the cream as you will know exactly when the cream is firm enough.

Use a spatula

The process after this is straight forward. You just need to add the other two ingredients and mix. Remember to use a spatula to mix, using a whisk or electric hand mixer at this point is not recommended as it will increase the chances of over whipping the cream.

If you taste the mixture at this point you might think it is quite sweet, but after it freezes the taste should be just right.

Freezing it the right way

Pour the mixture in a freezer safe, air-tight container. I need to stress here that the container needs to be air-tight if you want to avoid any ice crystals. Some recommend placing a cling film on top of the mixture and then closing the lid of the container, but if you use a proper air tight container you won’t face any issues with crystals forming on top of the ice cream. I never use a cling film but always use air-tight container and never had ice crystal issues.

Freeze the mixture for 6 to 8 hours or till ice cream has set completely. Freezing timing will vary depending on make of your freezer, its temperature and if you live in a hot or cold country.

Delicious ice cream bursting with Mango flavour

After the ice cream has set you can scoop it out. If you have followed the process in this recipe properly there should be no ice crystals. You will have a smooth, creamy and rich ice cream that’s bursting with Mango flavour.

If you live in a cold place, you might have to leave ice cream out after removing from the freezer for a minute or two before scooping so that it becomes easier to scoop out.

Try out this recipe and enjoy gorgeous, homemade Mango ice cream whenever you want.

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Recipe Card for Mango Ice Cream

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