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Mango Shrikhand / Amrakhand

Updated: Apr 16

Delicious, creamy Shrikhand is loved by all and when you add mangoes to it, what more can you ask for!! Mango Shrikhand, also known as Amrakhand, has a gorgeous colour, flavour and aroma. It’s hard to resist the temptation of this lip-smackingly good dessert. It can be enjoyed with hot puris, chapatis, parathas or on its own on festivals, special occasions or just when you fancy a treat. For all those Shrikhand fans, Amrakhand is like icing on the cake 😊

Learn how to make Homemade Mango Shrikhand with this quick, step-by-step video.

"A child’s play"

Amrakhand requires only three main ingredients - hung curd (yogurt), Mango pulp and sugar. It’s so easy to make this Mango Shrikhand that it feels like a child’s play. You only need to strain yogurt (curd) to remove its whey, reduce mango pulp to a thick sauce and then mix all the ingredients together and viola Amrakhand is ready just like that!

Hung Curd

It’s important to use thick full fat curd or Greek yogurt to make Shrikhand. Now to remove whey from curd/yogurt you need to tie it in a muslin cloth and hang this muslin cloth on an elevated bar or object for extended period of time so that whey slowly drips out of the cloth and you are only left with thick hung curd.

As it’s sometimes hard to find a bar in the kitchen where you can hang the muslin cloth to allow whey to drip down, I like to use a colander on top of a bowl and place a heavy object on muslin cloth pouch so the whey separating process speeds up. I like to leave this for 10 hours which should be enough to separate all the whey.

Some might think that Greek yogurt is really thick so I can omit this process!! Believe me, you cannot skip this part of process if you want a real Shrikhand. Although Greek yogurt is quite thick, it is not thick enough and does contain some moisture. After adding the pulp and sugar, Greek yogurt will loosen even more and you will end up having a flavoured yogurt in the end and not Shrikhand!

Also, remember if you live in a very hot place keep bowl and colander in refrigerator, as leaving curd/yogurt out for 10 hours might make it really sour or spoil it completely.

Canned Mango Pulp

Of course, using fresh mango pulp will be best, but the drawback will be that you won’t be able to make Amrakhand all round the year. If you use canned Mango pulp you can make Amrakhand any time you fancy. I have used canned Kesar Mango pulp in the video, but you can use Alphanso Mango pulp as well.

Remember, as Shrikhand is really thick, you should add as little moisture as possible to it. Hence, I like to heat and reduce my mango pulp till it converts into a thick sauce, before adding to hung curd. Be extremely careful while reducing the mango pulp as it splashes a lot and is really hot. Before you add reduced mango pulp to hung curd, make sure it has cooled down completely or else it will spoil your Shrikhand.

Mixing it all up

The only thing left to do after this process is to mix all the ingredients up really well till its nicely smooth and creamy. You can use a spatula to mix everything up but as hung curd is really thick it becomes harder and takes longer to mix with a spatula. If you own a hand mixer, you can use the whisk attachment as shown in the video and this job can be done in a jiffy.

Nothing less than scrumptious

Delicious Amrakhand is actually ready now after mixing it all up. But I like to refrigerate it again for a further 2 hours at least. Or you can keep it in for longer till it’s time to serve. This ensures that Amrakhand is really thick, creamy and nothing less than scrumptious while eating. Garnish Mango Shrikhand with some finely chopped nuts and enjoy with some hot puris 😊

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Recipe Card for Mango Shrikhand

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