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Instant Coconut Laddu

Updated: Apr 15

These Instant Coconut Ladoos are the easiest and the quickest Laddus you can ever make without compromising on taste. These snow-white, round Coconut balls look beautiful when serving and need only 3 main ingredients!

Instant Coconut Laddu

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These simple yet delicious Coconut Laddus are a perfect sweet for any festivities like Raksha Bandhan, Narali Pournima, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, etc. and are ready in a jiffy.

Check out how to make these quick Nariyal Laddus in video below.

Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of how to make Instant Coconut Laddu:

Coconut ke Laddu are traditional Indian sweet that are loved by many. But making Laddus can be a time-consuming process. This instant version of traditional Coconut Laddus uses just 3 main ingredients, eliminates the time and hard work associated with making laddus and still tastes equally good; perfect when you don’t want to spend lot of time in the kitchen or are in a hurry but still want a sweet treat.

Just mix and shape

This quick and easy version of traditional Coconut Ladoo can be prepared in just a few minutes. All you need to do is mix the ingredients in hot pan, cook on low heat, and shape the Laddus.

Instant Coconut Laddu Ingredients

If possible, use a non-stick pan as after adding condensed milk mixture does become a bit sticky.

Roast desiccated coconut only slightly, just till it becomes a little warm. If you want your Coconut Ladoo with condensed milk to look like snow white balls, the colour of desiccated coconut shouldn’t change.

I like to use a bit of milk as it adds some moisture in desiccated coconut and Naral Ladoos feel nice, moist and soft and not dry after they are ready.

Sweetened Condensed Milk is the key ingredient in this Instant Coconut Ladoo recipe that reduces a whole lot of your time and effort. Because it is sweetened you don’t need to add sugar and it eliminates the time consuming process of stirring the milk for a long time to reduce it down. It’s because of Condensed Milk that these Nariyal Ladoos can be done in just a few minutes…

Instant Coconut Ladoos

After condensed milk gets absorbed by desiccated coconut, you just need to cook till you can easily form a small ball and that’s it. When mixture is cool enough to touch, shape it into balls, roll them in desiccated coconut and your delicious Instant Nariyal ke Ladoos (झटपट नारळाचे लाडू) are ready to enjoy!

This easy to make sweet is perfect when you don’t want to spend time cooking but still are craving for Laddus.

As this satisfying sweet treat looks so good, it’s perfect for gifting on any occasion too, may it be birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, or festivities.

Instant Coconut Ladoos

Satisfy your sweet craving with this easy to make, soft moist Laddus that are a quick hassle-free version of traditional Coconut Laddus and enjoy!


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Step-by-step instructions with photos for Instant Coconut Ladoo:

Lightly roast desiccated coconut on low setting in a non-stick pan only till it’s a little warm (it’s colour shouldn’t change).

Instant Coconut Laddu - Method 1

Then add milk and mix well.

Instant Coconut Laddu - Method 2

Now add sweetened condensed milk and cook till it gets absorbed by coconut.

Instant Coconut Laddu - Method 3

Cook till you can easily form a small ball. Be careful, the mixture will be hot.

Instant Coconut Laddu - Method 4

Then add green cardamom (Elaichi) power and mix well.

Instant Coconut Laddu - Method 5

Remove the mixture in a bowl and let it cool down slightly.

Instant Coconut Laddu - Method 6

Once its cool to touch make 6 equal sized balls.

Instant Coconut Ladoo - Method 7

Roll the balls in some desiccated coconut.

Instant Coconut Ladoo - Method 8

Instant Coconut Laddus are ready! Let them cool down completely before eating or storing in an airtight container.

Instant Coconut Ladoo - Method 9

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