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Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav

Updated: Apr 15

Spicy, slightly tangy, and mouth-wateringly delicious, this Masala Pav recipe will keep you wanting for more!

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav

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This lip-smackingly good Mumbai street food can be enjoyed as a snack or brunch. It contains a delicious, tasty masala stuffed between buttered sliced Pavs (Indian White Rolls). Check out how to make Masala Pav at home in a video below.

Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav:

When you like traditional Mumbai Pav Bhaji and are looking for similar alternatives, this Masala Pav is a great option as many of the ingredients used in this recipe are the same and it uses the same Pav Bhaji Masala.

Making a scrummy Masala

Masala for this dish is made on large tawas (pans / griddles) by vendors on the streets. If you don’t have a large tawa/pan you can also use a skillet to make the masala.

Onions, tomatoes, peppers (capsicum) are sautéed in butter along with ginger garlic paste and some spices including Pav Bhaji Masala.

Masala Pav Ingredients

I like to use some Kashmiri Chilli Powder along with normal red chilli powder when making Masala Pav as it gives a nice colour to the masala without adding too much of heat. But you can skip adding it if you don’t have it at home.

Chat masala and lemon juice adds tanginess to this recipe.

Lots of cilantro (coriander) should be used as this is what makes Masala Pav extremely flavourful.

After all the masala gets cooked it should be mashed with a masher so that spices incorporate well into each other and seep slightly into Pav, making it tastier.

Toasting Garlic Buttered Pavs

Normally stall vendors on streets toast Pavs in lots of butter on tawa and then stuff it with Masala. I like to prepare a garlic butter mixture to apply to Pavs instead. I also like to add some Pav Bhaji Masala and cilantro (coriander) to this mixture. This ensures that butter is applied evenly all over Pavs and they become even more flavoursome.

This garlic buttered Pav should then be toasted with inside down, until it turns slightly golden. It should then be flipped over and stuffed with masala. Along with masala I also like to add some finely chopped onions and cilantro (coriander) to add extra crunch and flavour.

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav

Masala Pavs that are just out of the tawa should be relished hot with some chopped onions, coriander, and a piece of lemon on the side.

As this Mumbai fast food has become so popular, another variation of it has also emerged, where instead of sliced Pavs, chopped Pav is toasted with the masala on tawa / pan and then served. Some grated cheese is also sometimes sprinkled on top.

As this street food is so tasty, so much in demand and real quick and easy to make, its popularity has crossed beyond Mumbai and spread all over India and in Indian restaurants across the world.

This deliciously satisfying meal on the go, with its soft buttery Pavs stuffed with spicy, flavoursome masala is loved by all and you won't be an exception after you try it….

Pav Bhaji Masala

It's really quick and easy to make fresh Pav Bhaji Masala at home. When you make Pav Bhaji Masala at home, you will be sure that it's free from artificial colours and preservatives and will be as fresh as it can be. This freshly made masala will make your Masala Pav taste even better. Check out how to make Homemade Pav Bhaji Masala here.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji

If you are looking for something more filling yet taste as delicious and is similar to Masala Pav, try making this Mumbai Pav Bhaji. This, most loved street food of Mumbai, includes a thick, scrumptious vegetable curry that's served with soft Pavs / white rolls. And this OvalShelf's Pav Bhaji recipe is incredibly quick and easy to make, check it out here.


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Recipe Card for Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav:

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Step-by-step instructions with photos for Masala Pav:

Melt butter in a pan on low setting. Add garlic paste, pav bhaji masala, and cilantro and mix well.

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav - Method 1

Apply this garlic butter to all pavs / white rolls.

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav - Method 2

Heat tawa or skillet on medium setting. Add butter, onions, garlic paste and ginger paste and cook till onions turn soft and shiny.

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav - Method 3

Then add green peppers and tomatoes and cook till they turn soft.

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav - Method 4

Lower the heat and add salt, pav bhaji masala, red chilli powder, Kashmiri chilli powder and chat masala, mix well and mash.

Mumbai Street Style Masala Pav - Method 5

Add water, lemon juice and cilantro, mix well and remove in a bowl.

Masala Pav - Method 6

On same tawa / skillet heat buttered pavs / white rolls with inner side facing down till slightly golden.

Masala Pav - Method 7

Turn them over. Add some masala mixture, onions and cilantro on one side.

Masala Pav - Method 8

Cover this up with other side of pav/white roll, again coat the top with some masala mixture and cilantro.

Masala Pav - Method 9

Serve hot with some more finely chopped onions, cilantro and piece of lemon on the side.

Masala Pav - Method 10

Delicious Masala Pav is ready. Enjoy!

Masala Pav - Method 11


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