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Aloo Paratha / Aalu ka Paratha

Updated: Apr 16

Aalu ka paratha recipe with butter, yogurt and pickle

Among all stuffed parathas, Aloo ka Paratha is the most popular as its packed full of flavour and goes well with yogurt/curd, pickle or raita. Tasty and filling this Aalu Paratha recipe is not just ideal for breakfast, it’s also perfect for brunch, lunch, dinner or kids’ tiffin. This Indian Potato Paratha recipe is delicious and easy to make.

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A staple in many Indian homes, having these scrumptious Aloo wala Parathas accompanied by tea / chai for breakfast is just pure comfort. These Punjabi Aloo Parathas, with soft and tender spiced mashed potato filling in a thin, slightly crunchy cover, should be enjoyed hot with some butter on top!

Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of How to make Aloo Paratha:

Soft, smooth and pliable dough is the key

If you want a crack free Allu ka Paratha that has a really thin, melt-in-the-mouth cover, you should focus on getting the dough right. You need to knead the dough extremely well and make it as soft and smooth as possible.

With stiff dough, stuffing and rolling Aloo Parathas will be hard, plus Paratha cover will have cracks and inner filling will come out while rolling. Also, cover will be thick and won’t integrate well with filling and won’t be as pleasant to eat.

A nice, soft and pliable dough means you can stuff it easily and the cover expands with the filling while rolling so there won’t be any cracks in Aloo Parathas, which also means that parathas will blow up like puris while roasting and will be really soft and delicious to eat.

Aloo paratha with curd

Adding a punch of flavour to the Aloo Paratha Stuffing

What makes Aloo Paratha recipe scrumptious is its filling. A mix of spices, lots of coriander / cilantro and some finely chopped ginger will make these Homemade Aloo Parathas extremely flavoursome.

aloo paratha ingredients

Apart from above Aloo Paratha ingredients, there is one more ingredient in this Aaloo ka Paratha recipe that will take it to another level, and that’s Amchur powder (dry mango powder). It will add a hint of tanginess to the Aloo Paratha stuffing, and unlike addition of lemon juice, it won’t make the filling moist; keeping it in perfect shape for stuffing and rolling.

One key step to remember while preparing the Aloo Chapathi stuffing is grating the boiled potatoes. Just smashing the boiled potatoes won’t be good enough, as they will be lumpy while rolling with the risk of tearing the cover. Also, the flavours of spices won’t integrate well with potatoes if they are just smashed. So, make sure you take this extra step while preparing the Batata Paratha stuffing.

Stuffing and rolling a crack free Aalu ka Paratha

For Aloo paratha that is full of stuffing and has a very thin layer of cover, there are a few points to keep in mind.

  • After you finish kneading the dough, it needs to rest for at least 20 mins.

  • After you make dough and stuffing balls, cover and keep them aside till you need to use them to prevent them from drying.

  • Dough and stuffing ball should be of the same size.

  • Gently wrap and glide cover around Aloo ka Paratha stuffing (as shown in the video). This is only possible if your dough is well kneaded and really soft and pliable.

  • Remove any excess dough from top and seal (as shown in video). Do not integrate excess dough into the Aloo Roti cover, this will make the cover thick.

  • Gently press the ball with cover and filling in your palm and spread it as much as possible before rolling.

  • Roll the Potato Paratha gently and evenly from all over to avoid cracks.

Aloo ka paratha with dahi, butter and achar

Hot Aalu Parathas with Chai ….. ultimate breakfast!

How you roast the parathas is also important to get right texture in this Aloo ka Paratha recipe. Place paratha on pan only after pan is hot and always roast on medium heat setting. Before placing Aloo Paratha on pan make sure to remove any excess wheat flour from paratha or else it will burn and spoil the look and taste of Aloo Parathas.

Potato paratha

Only flip the paratha after you see the bubbles. You can smear Aloo ka Parathas with either ghee (clarified butter) or oil as per your choice. Don’t forget to press the sides so that it gets cooked evenly from all over. Again, flip the Aalu Paratha, smear with ghee/oil, and press the sides and remove when it’s done.

Always be very gently throughout when rolling and roasting these Indian Stuffed Flat Breads as they are delicate. And only flip these parathas twice, as flipping it often will increase their chance of tearing and will also result in cover becoming hard and chewy.

Aloo roti with yoghurt, butter and pickle

Follow this easy Aloo Paratha recipe with above instructions and you will be an expert at making scrumptious, super soft Aloo Parathas in no time.

Serve this mouth-watering Aloo Paratha with curd / yogurt or pickle as soon as it’s done. Enjoy with some steaming chai / tea for a delightful breakfast.


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