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Maharashtrian Mattha

Updated: May 21

Mattha, Chaas, Curd Drink, Dahi Drink, Yogurt Drink, Tak

Maharashtrian wedding meal is incomplete without delicious Mattha (Spiced Buttermilk), served at the end of a meal. This authentic Mattha recipe will surely remind you of a traditional Maharashtrian wedding. It’s a cooling yoghurt drink that taste delicious and is ready in a jiffy.

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You won't believe how quick and easy it is to make this tasty spiced yogurt drink. Also known as Phodnicha Tak in Marathi, it is perfect during hot summer days.

Quick, easy to follow video of How to make Mattha:

Roasting and crushing to release flavours

This Dahi Mattha has a distinct cumin (jeera) flavour to it. Use of cumin seeds add this flavour to this curd drink. But when you roast cumin seeds and crush them slightly in a mortar and pestle, all their oils, aroma and flavours are released making them more flavourful.

Remember to crush cumin seeds only slightly and not to grind them a powder, as it will also add a slight crunch along with the flavour of cumin to this Masala Chaas recipe.

Mattha, Masala Chaas, Spiced Buttermilk, Curd Drink

Simply add and mix ingredients

This recipe of Mattha is so easy that you just need to add all the ingredients and mix them together and voila, Mattha drink is ready!

But before adding anything else make sure you have beaten plain curd really well and there are no lumps.

Ingredients for Mattha, Masala Chaas, Spiced Yoghurt Drink

Use chilled water to make Masala Chach as you will enjoy it more when its cold. Ginger paste, black salt (kala namak) and cilantro (coriander) really add a punch of flavour to this Dahi Drink.

Tempering is a must for that distinct flavour

Now to add that authentic Maharashtrian flavour to this Masala Buttermilk, you have to add a tempering in the end. Clarified butter (ghee) and again cumin seeds are used for the tempering and they really do add a distinct aroma and flavour to this curd drink and set it apart.

Mattha, Spiced Yogurt Drink, Masala Buttermilk

Try this refreshing spiced yogurt drink to cool you down on hot summer days or when you have had a heavy, spicy meal, it will help with your digestion too….


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