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Palak Paratha | Spinach Paratha

Updated: Apr 16

Palak Paratha in a plate

A tasty and flavourful paratha that is filled with goodness of Palak. This green Indian flat bread recipe uses spinach puree and wheat flour as its main ingredients along with some flavoursome spices to give you a mouth-watering paratha which you can have for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner along with some yogurt/curd or pickle.

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Filled with spinach (palak) goodness, this paratha is a hearty breakfast or a perfect accompaniment with any meal. This healthy Palak paratha will go down as a treat in kids’ lunchbox too.

Learn how to make this green Spinach Paratha at home in this step-by-step video.

Quick video of How to make Palak Paratha:

A wholesome paratha that's delicious too...

Very easy to make, this paratha is rich in iron and will also increase your vitamin K intake, maintaining your bone health.

Kids will love this paratha too and it will be an easy way to get some spinach into their diet.

If you want to make this Palak Paratha even healthier, than you can skip using oil while roasting these parathas. Although they might be drier, if you eat these straight away after cooking, you might not notice the difference.

Palak Paratha ingredients

Blanching and blending for fresh, bright coloured parathas

Blanching the spinach is necessary if you want nice, vibrant green coloured parathas. Blanching is nothing but adding spinach to hot water and as soon as it starts becoming soft, transferring it to chilled water. This will ensure that spinach stays fresh and maintains its bright colour.

You can directly grind the spinach without blanching, but it will be harder to grind it to a paste plus spinach will lose its brightness and make your parathas look darker and dull…

Some recipes call for just chopping and adding the spinach to flour instead of blending it. But by this method your parathas won’t have that nice green colour nor will they be as flavourful, as spinach won’t get a chance to integrate well with the dough!

Palak Paratha with yoghurt

Roasting properly

After you finish rolling the paratha make sure to dust off any excess flour that might have stuck to Spinach Paratha, or it might burn off while roasting giving paratha a slight burned taste as well as an unpleasant look.

While roasting make sure to watch and press the sides evenly as they get less amount of heat compared to the centre of paratha and often get ignored due to which they remain undercooked.

Spinach Paratha with Yoghurt

As mentioned earlier, while roasting you can skip using oil entirely if you want a heathier alternative, but make sure to eat them straight away as soon as they are done whilst they are still hot as they tend to get harder and drier as time passes by.

Enjoy these green Indian Flat Breads with some pickle, chutney, yogurt/curd or on their own any time you want, they are perfect for your tiffin too….


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