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Til Papdi | Sesame Thins

Updated: Apr 16

Sesame thin or Til Papdi sheets

This wafer thin Til papdi needs just 2 ingredients and is ready in a jiffy!

With its brittle texture, this Til Papdi will go down as a treat with the kids. It will be an ideal sweet for the festival of Makar Sankranti too.

Also known as Til Papad or Til Patti, making this sweet might seem difficult with the looks of it, but its not that hard. You only need to be very quick while preparing this Sesame Thins.


Til Papdi just two  ingredients sesame and sugar

Also, making this sweet doesn't require any preparation at all, as it uses only 2 ingredients, sugar (which you normally have at home), and sesame seeds (Til). So if you want a change from normal Tilgul / Til Laddu for Makar Sankranti or if you just fancy a sweet or snack for any other festival and celebration, give this Til Papdi a try.

Roasting Sesame seeds (Til) till light golden will give this papdi a nice colour and flavour.

Avoid using non-stick

I like to use heavy bottom pan for making the caramel instead of non-stick cookware. As caramel is very sticky it might spoil the non-stick coating on the cookware.

Dry Caramel

Some people use water for making caramel, but I prefer making dry caramel out of sugar as it is faster and easier, and reduces a step of evaporating the water. For preparing dry caramel, you only need to heat sugar on lowest setting, stirring constantly. At first, sugar will form hard lumps, don't be worried by this or think something has gone wrong. These hard sugar lumps will melt down eventually giving you a golden liquid. Only don't forget to keep stirring continuously while preparing caramel.

Ready to eat Til Papdi or Sesame Thins sweet

Be Extremely Quick

As soon as all the sugar has melted, add sesame seeds (Til), mix well and switch off the heat. Quickly lay parchment/butter paper and immediately spread caramel and sesame seeds (Til) mixture over it. Cover with another parchment/butter paper and swiftly roll a puri as thin as possible.

You need to be extremely quick here. Don't worry if you do not get a perfectly round shape. As caramel sets very fast, getting desired shape will be hard, more important is to roll as thin as possible!

Remove parchment/butter paper after rolling and voilà, Til Papdi, translucent and as thin as a paper is ready!

Translucent rolled Til Papdi or Sesame seeds

If you find that your parchment/butter paper is sticking to the caramel, then you can apply some melted ghee to the paper before spreading the caramel mixture.

Now you can pepare as many Til Papdis as you want one after the other.

Some people try and make a big batch of caramel and sesame seeds (Til) mixture and then start rolling Til Papdis one after the other, but I personally do not like this method. As caramel hardens quickly, it becomes very hard to roll all papdis. This leads to papdis not becoming as thin as they should be. Also some suggest reheating the leftover caramel and sesame seeds (Til) mixture from the large batch if it hardens so that you will be able to roll, but by doing this, apart from not getting as thin papdis as possible, reheating caramel repeatedly will keep making it darker and darker and bitter in taste. So for getting perfect results each time, preparing fresh caramel and sesame seeds (Til) mixture for each papdi is the method I prefer.

How you store is important too
Til Papdi spread out for cooling before storage

Do not place Til Papdis one on top of the other as they are cooling down. Spread them apart as soon as they are done. After they have cooled down completely, place pieces of parchment/butter paper between each papdi to prevent them from sticking to each other. If this is not done then any heat or moisture will make them stick to each other and break. After seperating them with paper, store them in an air-tight container. While serving you can serve them as they are or break them into smaller bite size pieces and serve.


Proportion I like to use for Til Papdi is 1.5 parts of sugar : 1 part sesame seeds (Til) i.e. for every 1.5 TBSP sugar, I use 1 TBSP sesame seeds (Til) for each papdi. Some suggest using 1:1 or 2:1 proportions, but after experimenting with all different proportions, I found that 1.5:1 proportion works the best for me and my family's liking. With this proportion you get the texture of a thin papdi along with right flavour of sesame seeds (Til) and caramel. I found 1:1 proportion to be more dense with flavour similar to Til Chikki or Til Vadi and 2:1 (2 parts sugar:1 part sesame seeds) proportion had more caramel flavour.

Learn how to make Til Papdi through this quick video, step-by-step, precise instructions and perfect measurements.

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Recipe Card for Til Papdi

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