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Mooli Koshimbir / Indian Radish Salad

Updated: Apr 16

Mooli Salad in a plate

A healthy and delicious side dish, Mulyachi Koshimbir is a Maharashtrian style White Radish Salad that’s ready in a jiffy. This Mooli Ka Salad recipe contains roasted, peeled and coarsely crushed peanuts that adds a crush while the tempering in the end enhances its flavour and takes it to a whole new level.

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Not just packed with nutrients, this Indian Radish Salad recipe tastes delicious too and is perfect as a side dish or can also be enjoyed on its own.

Quick video of How to make Maharashtrian White Radish Salad:

Full of goodness

Eating Radish / Mooli on a regular basis is extremely good for your health. This root vegetable is filled with antioxidants, minerals and fibre. Packed with calcium, potassium and vitamin C, Muli may help lower your blood pressure and reduce risks of heart diseases.

If you are watching your weight and are on a healthy diet plan, then Radish is perfect as it has virtually no fat and few calories. As its high in fibre, Mooli may help manage your blood sugar levels, lower your cholesterol and will be ideal for weight loss too.

Radish salad in a plate

Preparing the Radish / Mooli

Grated White Radish has a peculiar smell that some don’t find very appetising. So, to reduce this smell you need to prepare grated Radish by mixing it with salt and letting it rest for a while. By following this process radish will release some moisture which you then need to squeeze and remove (as shown in the video). This will help to remove most of its odour and make the Mooli Salad more appetising. It will also make this Muli recipe less soggy.

The liquid that remains after squeezing the radish is full of nutrients and can be used elsewhere like for making the dough for chapatti / paratha, or can be used in smoothies, etc.

Mix it all up

This Maharashtrian recipe is so easy that you just need to mix all the ingredients up. Freshly scrapped coconut, lemon juice and cilantro (coriander) add a punch of flavour to this White Radish recipe.

Mooli Radish Salad Ingredients

Onions and peanuts add a bit of crunch to the salad. But before adding peanuts to this Mooli recipe, remember to roast, peel and crush them to a coarse powder. Roasting will enhance peanuts flavour and keep it crunchier for longer. Also, remember to crush peanuts to a coarse and not fine powder to get that crunchy texture.

Tempering for flavour

This White Mooli Raita (also known as Mulyachi Koshimbir / मुळयाची कोशिंबीर in Marathi) is incomplete without the tempering in the end. The final tempering of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and green chillies will enhance the flavour of this Mooli ki recipe three folds along with adding a bit more crunch.

Tempered Mooli Salad in a plate

What will be a better way to include healthy Mooli in your diet then having this Mooli Koshimbir. This Indian Radish Salad idea taste so delish that it will convert white Radish / Mooli into one of your favourite root vegetables that’s tasty as well as healthy.

Enjoy this Radish recipe on its own or as a side with your main course.


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