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Instant Rasmalai Modak | Paneer Modak

Updated: Apr 10

Absolutely pretty and delicious, these Instant Rasmalai Modak are extremely easy to make and are ready in a jiffy. The enticing fragrance of rose petals, saffron (kesar) and green cardamom (elaichi) makes this melt-in-the-mouth Paneer Modak recipe irresistible.

Rasmalai Modak - Close up photo

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If you are in a hurry, but still want to make proper Modak prasad for Ganpati Bappa at home during next Ganesh festival, try this mouth-watering Instant Ras Malai Modak recipe which will be ideal as a Prasad for Ganeshotsav and will be loved by all.

Check out how to make Paneer Modak at home in a quick video with precise measurements below.

Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of how to make Rasmalai Modak:

Modak is a Maharashtrian sweet that is made as an offering / bhog to Lord Ganesha and then served as a prasad to the devotees. The traditional Ukadiche Modak / Steamed Modak are made with rice flour outer cover and sweetened coconut stuffing and steamed.

But, in modern times, many variations of this authentic Maharashtrian sweet have come up, one of which is this Rasmalai Modak / Paneer Modak which is equally delicious.

Just mix, cook and shape

Traditional Ukdiche Modak (Steamed Modaks) are quite hard to make and require lots of patience and practice. On the contrary these Instant Paneer Modak are very easy to make and are ready in a jiffy. You just need to mix the ingredients, cook and shape.

These Instant Rasmalai Modaks need just 3 main ingredients: Paneer, Whole Milk Powder and Powdered Sugar, that’s it.

Rasmalai Modak Ingredients

Saffron (Kesar) and green cardamom (Elaichi) powder adds in nice flavour and aroma in this Instant Modak recipe. Saffron also gives a really nice light-yellow colour to these Sandesh Modak.

Pistachios (Pista) add a slight crunch along with slight texture and colour.

Rose petals add in a nice aroma and colour contrast as well as make these Instant Modaks look really pretty.

Saffron, pistachios and rose petals are optional and you can also skip adding them.

Remember to always cook on low heat only and take care that the mixture doesn’t stick and burn. Burned mixture will taste and smell awful.

It’s important to grind the mixture until smooth once again after it has cooked and cooled down, as it will feel quite granular and dry after it has cooled down. Mixture will be too crumbly and shaping modaks will be hard. Grinding the mixture until it turns smooth will make it easier to shape modaks.

Instant Rasmalai Modak on a plate

Don’t forget to grease the modak mould with melted clarified butter (ghee) before shaping these Instant Modaks. Placing some rose petals and slivered pistachios (pista) in the mould before placing the mixture in will make your Instant Malai Modak look very pretty.

If you don’t have a Modak mould, you can just roll the mixture into small balls and enjoy them as paneer ladoo / laddus.

So now when you want to make Modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganesh Jayanti (Maghi Ganpati) but don’t have much time to make Traditional Steamed Modaks, try making these beautiful, melt-in-the-mouth Ras Malai Modaks which will be loved equally by all.

Paneer Modak - Close up image

These Instant Modaks are not just delicious, but they look beautiful too….


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Step-by-step instructions with photos for Paneer Modak:

Add saffron (Kesar) to hot milk, mix well and let it rest for 10 mins.

Rasmalai Modak Recipe - Method 1

Add paneer to a grinding jar.

Rasmalai Modak Recipe - Method 2

Grind it until smooth.

Rasmalai Modak Recipe - Method 3

Heat clarified butter (Ghee) in a non-stick pan on low setting and add ground paneer, milk powder, powdered sugar and cook whilst mixing.

Ras malai Modak Recipe - Method 4

After sugar melts add saffron (Kesar) milk and cook whilst continuously mixing.

Ras malai Modak Recipe - Method 5

Cook till moisture evaporates, mixture turns granular and starts leaving the sides of the pan. Take care so that it doesn’t stick to the pan and burn.

Ras malai Modak Recipe - Method 6

Then add green cardamom (Elaichi) powder and mix well.

Paneer Modak Recipe - Method 7

Remove in a bowl and let it cool down.

Paneer Modak Recipe - Method 8

After mixture is cool to touch, grind it once again until smooth.

Paneer Modak Recipe - Method 9

Remove the ground mixture in a bowl.

Instant Paneer Modak Recipe - Method 10

To this add pistachios (Pista) and dried rose petals.

Instant Paneer Modak Recipe - Method 11

Mix everything together and knead. DO NOT use milk or water to knead.

Instant Paneer Modak Recipe - Method 12

Knead to form a soft and smooth dough ball.

Sandesh Modak Recipe - Method 13

Grease the inside of modak mould with some melted clarified butter (Ghee) and sprinkle some dried rose petals and pistachios.

Sandesh Modak Recipe - Method 14

Place small smooth balls of mixture inside the mould.

Instant Rasmalai Modak Recipe - Method 15

Press and remove the excess mixture that's outside the mould

Instant Rasmalai Modak Recipe - Method 16

Open the mould to reveal the Modak. Gently lift the modak from the mould.

Instant Ras malai Modak Recipe - Method 17

Beautiful, delicious, melt-in-the-mouth Rasmalai flavoured Paneer Modak is ready!

Instant Ras malai Modak Recipe - Method 18

Make rest of the modaks in this manner.

Rasmalai Modak - Method 19

Serve or store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

Ras malai Modak - Method 20

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