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Maharashtrian Capsicum Zunka | Mirchicha Zunka

Updated: Apr 16

Maharashtrian Capsicum Zunka

This authentic Maharashtrian Capsicum Zunka (झुणका) made with green peppers and gram flour is ready in a jiffy and is perfect with chapati, bhakri or rice. Ideal for your lunch box, this tasty Mirchicha Zunka uses only a few ingredients normally available in your kitchen pantry.

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Simple and quick, this dry Besan Shimla Mirch Sabzi is easy to make too. It is perfect to make on days when you swiftly want to finish off cooking dinner but want it to be tasty too, or when you want to speedily whip up something healthy for your kid’s tiffin.

Check out a quick video below to see how to make Zunka at home.

Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of how to make Hirvya Mirchicha Zunka:

"Couple of things to keep in mind when making Dry Maharashtrian Zunka"

Its always best to use a non-stick pan as this is a Dry Zunka recipe. If you don’t own or don’t want to use non-stick pan, try and use a really thick, heavy bottom cookware as this bell pepper recipe has a tendency to stick and can burn quite easily.

The second thing that’s mandatory when making this Jhunka recipe is to roast gram flour / besan well till it becomes golden brown and aromatic. Skipping this step will mean that besan will feel uncooked and really won’t taste or smell good after this Green Pepper Zunka is ready!

Ingredients for Capsicum Zunka

Right amount of water & a bit of crunch

Adding right amount of water whilst cooking Besamwali Simla Mirch is important; add too much and the Zunka will become wet and sticky, add too little and it will be way too dry and not pleasant to eat!

Also, don’t cook capsicum / peppers too much, they should be slightly soft but still have a bit of crunch to them as they will get a chance to cook further after adding gram flour. Cooking for longer will make them soggy and they will start disintegrating towards the end.

Lowering the heat

Remember to lower the heat before adding the gram flour / besan. As this is a dry Capsicum Zunka recipe, it has very little moisture, and as soon as besan is added, it will start soaking all the moisture up and start sticking to the pan. If the heat is high, this Capsicum Besan Fry will quickly burn and spoil.

Mirchicha Zunka

Letting it rest

Even after this Maharashtrian Capsicum Zunka recipe is done, you shouldn’t lift the lid. Allow it to rest for 5 more mins after switching off the heat. This will let Jhunka to slowly cook further in its own steam, enriching it with some more moisture so that its not too dry and also helping to release any besan that’s stuck to the sides and bottom of the pan.

If you follow this recipe and keep in mind the points mentioned above, I’m sure you will be able to enjoy the perfect Capsicum Zunka that you get to eat in Maharashtrian households.


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Step-by-step instructions with photos:

Method 1 - Capsicum Zunka

• Roast gram flour on medium heat till golden brown and aromatic. Keep aside.

Method 2 - Capsicum Zunka

• Heat oil in a non-stick cookware on medium setting. To this add cumin seeds, asafoetida (optional), onions, ginger paste, salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and sauté till onions are soft and shiny.

Method 3 - Capsicum Zunka

• Then add green peppers, jaggery, water and mix well.

Method 4 - Capsicum Zunka

• Cover and cook till peppers are slightly soft but still have a bit of a crunch.

Method 5 - Mirchicha Zunka

• Lower the heat and add roasted gram flour, little at a time, and mix.

Method 6 - Mirchicha Zunka

• Then add salt, garam masala, mix well and cover and cook for 5 mins.

Method 7 - Mirchicha Zunka

• After 5 mins switch off the heat but do not open the lid, let it rest for 5 more mins.

Method 8 - Mirchicha Zunka

• After it has rested for 5 mins, open the lid and add coconut and cilantro.

Method 9 - Mirchicha Zunka

• Mix well and serve hot.

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