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Instant Mango Kalakand

Updated: Apr 16

Instant Mango Kalakand recipe

Kalakand is a melt in the mouth Indian sweet with a delicate grainy texture that’s delicious to the core! And when you add mango to this luscious milk dessert, it reaches a whole new level making it absolutely irresistible.

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Making usual Kalakand mithai normally takes a lot of time and effort, but this homemade Mango Kalakand recipe is very quick and easy to make and is so tasty that it’s the perfect dessert for any occasion, may it be birthdays, festivals or parties! Check out how to make this speedy Aam ka Kalakand at home in a quick video with tips & tricks below.

Instant Mango Kalakand recipe video with tips and tricks:

Purée the Mango pulp for consistent colour & taste

It’s best to purée the mango pulp if you want a uniform colour and taste for your Kalakand milk cake. The pulp sometimes has fibres in it, plus the colour as well as taste of each mango varies, so it’s better to purée the mango pulp. Also, when you extract the pulp, it is lumpy; adding it directly will give a variable taste and texture.

You can also use canned mango pulp while making this easy mango kalakand recipe with milk powder as it has many advantages. Firstly, it has a smooth, consistent taste and texture; secondly its available all year round so you can make mango kalakand sweet whenever you please, you don’t really have to wait for the mango season when you fancy having one. And finally, canned mango pulp reduces the chore of extracting and puréeing the pulp and cleaning the extra pots/jar!

Aam kalakand recipe

When making Mango Kalakand barfi, try and use a wide, non-stick pan. As you need to cook, mix and reduce down the mixture quite a bit for this mango recipe and as the mixture is sticky, a large, non-stick pan will really come in handy.

Reduce the effort & increase the taste

Using sweetened condensed milk and milk powder really speeds up the process of reducing the Aam Burfi mixture down as you don’t need to cook and mix whilst stirring continuous for long till your hand starts hurting! These two ingredients in this easy Kalakand recipe thicken the Aam Pak mixture quickly and milk powder adds a really nice taste to this homemade mango burfi.

Adding a tiny amount of clarified butter (ghee) imparts a good flavour to Instant Kalakand. But ghee as well as milk powder serves one more purpose; they act as good binding agents and keep it all together, making Homemade Kalakand pieces easy to handle instead of making them too crumbly.

Another tiny ingredient to enhance the flavour of this Kalakand ki Barfi is a pinch of salt. Believe me when I say this, a bit of salt in this simple Kalakand recipe will go a long way in bringing out all the flavours of this mango dessert. Although it might sound weird to add salt to a mango sweet recipe, but it will definitely help.

Mango Kalakand Ingredients

Key to soft luscious Mango Kalakand – getting the consistency right!

A good kalakand is always soft and moist. But to get the right texture you shouldn’t overcook the Paneer Kalakand mixture till it becomes dry. Also, overcooking will lead to sugar in the mixture to cook to a stage where it starts getting sticky and chewy!

So, before you add rest of the ingredients to this Aam Kalakand recipe, first let the puréed mango pulp and paneer thicken slightly. Then add other Kalakand ingredients and cook whilst stirring. As soon as this Mango Fudge mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan and starts forming a lump, check the Kalakand cake mixture by placing some on the plate and letting it cool slightly (as shown in the video). Immediately remove from heat and cook this paneer recipe NO further, if you are able to make a rough ball from cooled Mango Milk cake mixture.

This is a CRUCIAL step in making Kalakand dessert, it can either make it absolutely delicious, soft, moist and granular (दानेदार आम कलाकंद) or make it hard, chewy and sticky. Remember consistency is the key here.

NOTE that this Mango Barfi mixture will thicken further as it cools down.

Kalakand Mithai with Mangoes

Always cook this Kalakand with milk powder on low heat setting whilst stirring constantly and making sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. Low heat setting will ensure that you are in control and this Kalakand with condensed milk mixture doesn’t get overcooked as medium/high heat can convert this mango sweet mixture from being cooked to being overcooked rapidly.

Finishing off delicate Mango Kalakand

Even after getting the consistency right in this barfi recipe, you should be able to make final Mango Kalakand pieces properly before serving, as presentation is key, especially when you’re serving to guests.

So before cutting the Aam Kalakand mixture into pieces of size and shape you like, allow it to cool down or else it will stick to the knife and might ruin the shape of the pieces. Then keep the plate/tray with cut pieces in refrigerator till it has set completely. This can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours, depending on how hot the place you live in is. After it has set completely, you can gently separate the Mango Kalakand pieces and serve.

All your guests, young and old alike, will love this luscious, granular Mango Kalakand. And remember you can always enjoy this Aam ka Kalakand on any special occasions and festivities throughout the year by using canned mango pulp 😊


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Mango Kalakand has become dry, chewy and hard instead of soft and moist!

Aam Kalakand mixture has been overcooked due to which most of the moisture has evaporated. Sugar in the mixture has also been overcooked and has become sticky, which has in turn made this kalakand recipe with paneer chewy and hard. Always cook this Kalakand ki recipe on low heat setting and keep a close eye on consistency. Remove the mixture off the heat as soon as it reaches right consistency (check the video). Remember, Mango Kalakand mixture will thicken further as it cools down, so do not overcook.

Mango Kalakand is falling apart?

Mixture has been undercooked. Cook it for slightly longer till it starts leaving the sides of the pan and starts forming a lump. Check if it has reached right consistency (as shown in the video) before removing it off the heat.

Cannot make and separate Mango Kalakand pieces!

After placing the mixture on plate/tray, wait till it cools down before making the pieces or else the mixture will stick to the knife and make it hard to make proper size and shape pieces. After making the pieces, do not separate them. Keep the plate/tray in refrigerator till it sets. This can take an hour or longer depending on weather. Cooling will help thicken and bind Aam ka Kalakand further making it easier to separate the pieces.

Cannot find good quality, fresh sweet Mangoes / Mangoes are out of season?

Even when Mangoes are in season, you sometimes find it hard to get fresh and sweet Mangoes. And sometimes even when Mangoes are not in season you feel like having a Mango sweet / Mango Dessert. Use canned mango pulp during such times. It is smooth, without any strings, and you don’t need to puree it to make this Mango Kalakand recipe with condensed milk.

How to store and serve Mango kalakand?

Always store Mango Kalakand in refrigerator and consume it as soon as possible as it is made of milk and paneer. You can serve it at room temperature or if you are finding that Mango kalakand is disintegrating and losing its shape at room temperature, serve it chilled, immediately after its out of the refrigerator.

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Step-by-step instructions with photos:

Mango kalakand recipe with paneer

1. Add pureed mango pulp and paneer to a non-stick pan and cook on low heat setting whilst stirring till it thickens slightly.

Mango kalakand recipe with condensed milk

2. Then add condensed milk, sugar, whole milk powder, salt, 1 tsp clarified butter, mix well and cook whilst stirring constantly till the mixture starts thickening. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. Be careful not to burn yourself as mixture splashes and is very hot.

How to make Homemade Kalakand

3. When mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan and starts forming a lump, place some mixture on a plate. When it cools down slightly check the mixture. If you are able to make a rough ball from it, the mixture is cooked enough. Immediately remove from heat. It is important to get the consistency right for the mixture. DO NOT overcook. It should have some moisture. Mixture will thicken further as it cools down. OVERCOOKING can make Mango Kalakand sticky, chewy and hard!

Easy Mango Kalakand Recipe

4. Smear some melted clarified butter on a round/square plate/tray (around 18-20 cm wide) and pour the Mango Kalakand mixture over it. Spread evenly with a spatula and smooth the surface out.

Simple Kalakand recipe

5. Sprinkle some finely chopped almonds and pistachios on top and press gently so that they stick to the mixture. Then let it cool down.

Aam ka kalakand

6. After its cool to touch cut into squares/rectangles and place the plate/tray in the refrigerator for at least an hour or till Aam Kalakand has set properly.

Paneer Kalakand recipe

7. After Mango Kalakand has properly set, remove the plate/tray from fridge and gently separate and remove the squares/rectangles.

Kalakand Milk Cake

8. Delicious, soft and moist Mango Kalakand is ready!

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