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Instant Pot Dry Potato Curry | Aloo Sabzi | Batata Bhaji

Updated: Apr 16

Instant Pot Dry Potato Curry

Making delicious dry boiled Aalu ki Sabji is super easy with Instant Pot. This Maharashtrian style Potato Curry recipe is simple yet scrumptious and goes perfectly well with poori, chapati, roti, paratha or rice.

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Instant Pot electric pressure cooker makes cooking this Batatyachi Bhaji a breeze. You just need to sauté the ingredients and pressure cook, and flavoursome dry Aloo Curry is ready in your Instapot, just like that!

Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of How to make Yellow Potato Bhaji in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker:

Sautéing for flavour

No matter how much in hurry you are, you just shouldn’t just dump all the ingredients in your Instant Pot inner pot and pressure cook. It won’t give right flavour and texture to this Puri Bhaji recipe. Sautéing ingredients will take just a little more time, but this is an important step that you shouldn’t miss.

Also, after adding onions just wait for a moment longer till they turn shiny and translucent. This will take the rawness and crunchiness out of onions, giving them the right texture.

Instapot Aloo Sabzi

Water and Timing are key for Instant Pot Multi Cooker

Two of the most important things you need to get right when cooking in your Instant Pot Cooker are the amount of water you add and the amount of time you cook.

This Spiced Potatoes recipe is no different. Make sure you use the exact amount of water mentioned in this Aloo ki Sabji recipe. This Indian Potato Curry should be dry; it shouldn’t have any liquid gravy, so you shouldn’t use excess amount of water. Nor should this Aloo ki Sabji have so less water that potatoes stay hard, raw and undercooked due to lack of moisture.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Batata Bhaji Ingredients

Also, use correct timing for pressure cooking. Less or more time will mean potatoes will either stay undercooked or get overcooked and loose their shape turning this Aloo bhaji into a soft pulp.

Venting it Quickly

As simple and easy as this Aalu ki recipe is, you still can’t leave your multi pressure cooker to its own accord. After this one pot cooker has finished pressure cooking and starts beeping, turn the steam release knob to venting position for quick pressure release. Again, not following this step and letting the steam vent out slowly will mean that potatoes get cooked for longer amount of time, and this will turn these Indian Spiced Potatoes soft and mushy.

Spiced Potatoes in Instant Pot Multi Cooker

After steam from the quick cooker has vented out, always make sure that the float valve has fallen down before opening the Instapot lid.

Finally garnish this vegan Potato Curry with coconut and cilantro (coriander) and serve.

I have made this Potato Sabji in my Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1, but you can follow this recipe and make it in any Instapot Pressure Cooker model you have.

So easy to make, this Indian Potato dish is a perfect instant pot for beginners recipe, ideal when you have just bought your new instant pressure cooker and still don’t feel confident about cooking in it.

Aalu ki Sabji in Instant Pot Cooker

This potato bhaji recipe is so delish and versatile, that you can have it with anything you please. You can roll it in a chapati and take it in your lunch box or stuff this Aloo Curry inside two slices of bread and make a sandwich. You can even toast this sandwich and enjoy this stuffed toasted sandwich with some ketchup for breakfast or brunch or pack it up for kids’ tiffin….


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