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Paneer Khurchan
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At OvalShelf you will find straightforward, uncomplicated Indian recipes and more, with step by step guidelines, images and quick, precise videos. Every effort has been made to make each recipe as easy to follow as possible so that Indian cooking can be like a walk in the park, even for complete novice cooks.

All recipes have been tested several times before adding to OvalShelf. Please follow below guidelines for all recipes. Salt, sugar and spices can be adjusted to suit your taste and palate.




1 Cup = 250ml , 1 TBSP = 15ml, 1 tsp = 5ml

About Me

Hi, I'm Rashmi

My love for cooking and all forms of arts and crafts has lead me on to this incredible journey that is full of colours,  flavours, and creativity.




Preparing festive food couldn't be easier with these easy to follow guidelines.

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