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Aam Panna Recipe | Kairi Panha

Treat yourself at the start of every Mango season with this refreshing Maharashtrian Panhe recipe. This authentic Aam Panna recipe (कैरीचं पन्हं) is perfect for hot summer days and will certainly cool you down. Simple and easy to make, this Kairiche Panhe recipe can be served immediately or the Panha concentrate can be stored in refrigerator and served later.

Aam Panna in two tall glasses

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This traditional Maharashtrian Kairiche Panhe is definitely a pleaser and often served chilled. Your guests will be more than happy to have it! Check out how to make Panhe in a quick video with precise measurements below.


Quick, easy to follow video with step-by-step instructions of How to make Panha:

This popular Maharashtrian drink is made using raw green mangoes. These raw mangoes impart it a unique tangy taste and addition of jaggery makes it even more distinctive.

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Cooking and Straining

Making Panha at home is a very simple process and gives you a concentrate that can be made and kept to enjoy for a long time later.


The process of making Maharashtrian Kairicha Panha just involves cooking raw mango, extracting and straining its pulp, adding jaggery and spices, mixing and letting it rest until everything is well combined. That’s it and Panha concentrate is ready just like that.


Try and use large mangoes if you can find them as small mangoes can sometimes give Aam Panha a slightly bitter taste.


I like to pressure cook the mangoes so that they get cooked perfectly from within without any monitoring.


Remember to massage the mango after it is cooked and cooled. This will soften the pulp and make it easy to extract later.


Also keep in mind to scrape off the pulp from the inside of the skin as a lot of pulp will be stuck to it.

Some recipes recommend puréeing the mango pulp in a blender, but I like to strain the pulp through a sieve. Pulp becomes just too smooth in a blender and doesn’t give Maharashtrian Panha the right, slightly thick texture. Straining won’t make pulp as smooth, yet remove any thick, long strands of fibre that might be present in the pulp.

"Just a couple of spices make Maharashtrian Panha really YUMMY"

I like to use jaggery in my Raw Mango Panha / Kachya Kairicha Panha recipe as it adds its unique flavour and colour. If you don’t like jaggery you can also use sugar in this raw Mango recipe but reduce the amount as it will be sweeter then jaggery. Using sugar will mean that this Kairicha Panha recipe will taste slightly different, and its colour will also be a bit lighter.

Maharashtrian Kairiche Panhe ingredients

Green Cardamom (Elaichi) Powder makes Kairi Panha extremely aromatic and so does Saffron (Kesar). Adding Saffron is optional, but if you have it add it as apart from making this raw Mango drink aromatic and flavourful, it will also impart Panha its slightly soft yellow colour.


Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) powder and roasted cumin (Jeera) powder also enhance the taste and make Panha extremely flavoursome.


Adding bit of salt will go a long way and actually enhance the sweetness of this drink.

You can also sprinkle some black salt or fennel seed (saunf) powder on top or add some mint (pudina) leaves in Panha just before serving if you like. I don’t like very strong flavours in my Panha so have used just a couple of simple flavours in the recipe.


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Make and store

The beauty of this Maharashtrian drink is you can make its concentrate in large amount when raw mangoes are easily available and store it in refrigerator and enjoy for next 10-15 days.


This easy, refreshing drink is ready in an instant while serving. You just need to add some concentrate in the glass along with cold water, mix and enjoy!

Proportions for making Panha

I use 1:2 pulp to jaggery ratio while making the concentrate. This of course is a very crude proportion as the sourness of the raw mangoes vary largely. So, treat this as just a basic measurement, first taste your pulp and then adjust the proportions according to its sourness.


If you are using sugar instead of jaggery in this Maharashtrian Panha recipe, you might want to take slightly less amount as its sweeter.

Kairicha Panha in a tall glass with a straw and raw mango besides it

While making Panha from concentrate, I like to add 3 tablespoons of concentrate to each glass of water, but again this is individual choice, and you can use less or more concentrate according to your taste. Adding few ice cubes will keep this drink cold and refreshing for long.


There are many variations to making Panha like grinding the pulp with ginger, mint leaves, black salt, or fennel seeds (saunf). But whichever way you make and have Panha, this summer drink tastes absolutely delicious, try it…

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Step-by-step instructions with photos for Aam Panna:

Add raw mango (Kachchi Kairi) and 1 cup water to pressure cooker.

Maharashtrian Panhe Recipe - Method 1

Pressure cook on medium heat for 3 whistles. Switch off the heat after 3 whistles and wait until all the pressure has released naturally.

Kairiche Panhe Recipe - Method 2

Open the pressure cooker, remove the raw mango and let it cool down.

Maharashtrian Kairiche Panhe - Method 3

Massage the mango slightly to soften the pulp.

Kairiche Panhe - Method 4

Remove the skin

Maharashtrian Panha - Method 5

Scrape off all the pulp stuck on to the skin and seed and discard the skin and seed.

Kairicha Panha - Method 6

Sieve the pulp through a strainer so that there are no lumps.

Maharashtrian Panha recipe - Method 7

Measure the pulp and add twice the amount of jaggery (Gur) (or to taste depending on sourness of raw mango) to the bowl.

Maharashtrian Kairicha Panha - Method 8

Also add green cardamom (Elaichi) powder, salt, saffron (Kesar), black pepper (Kali Mirch) powder, roasted cumin (Jeera) powder.

Aam Panha - Method 9

Mix well

Kairicha panha recipe - Method 10

Cover and let it rest for 15-20 mins or till all the jaggery has melted.

Panha recipe - Method 11

Then mix once again. Panha concentrate is ready.

Raw mango panha - Method 12

Add Panha concentrate in a clean, dry glass container.

Kairi panha - Method 13

Store the container in refrigerator for up to 10-15 days and use when needed.

Raw Mango Drink - Method 14

While serving take 3 TBSP (or to taste) of Panha concentrate in each glass.

Raw mango recipe - Method 15

Add ¾ cup cold water to each glass.

Kachya kairicha panha recipe - Method 16

• Sitr and mix well.

Aam Panna - Method 17

Add ice cube (optional) to keep it cold and refreshing for long.

Kairiche Panhe - Method 18

Delicious Kairicha Panha is ready. Enjoy!

Panha - Method 19


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